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2.5. In the event you have a Gift Voucher and you wish to return the goods associated with it through the website, we will use the personal details provided by you on the return form only for (a)managing the request and processing the door to door collection of goods, (b) meeting any requests related to the Gift Voucher or the return you request, and (c) confirming acceptance of the return and then, sending the Store Credit Card with the refund amount via e- mail or any other equivalent electronic means.

3. Personal data you provide us with through the form available on the website in the contact section of the physical store, as well as through the customer service ́s telephone number available in the aforementioned section, will be processed by ARIZONA VINTAGE S.L for the purpose of attending to any issue set out by you. Furthermore, ARIZONA VINTAGE S.L will process the data you provide us with for the management, assistance and tracking of any request that the customer or any other applicant delivers in the physical store.

4. ARIZONA VINTAGE S.L., with registered address at Kandela Zubieta Street 7 1ºB 48940 Leioa -Bizkaia - Spain, being data controller of the file, undertake to keep your personal information confidential and to ensure the exercise of your access, rectification, erasure and objection rights by sending a letter to the above-mentioned address or by e-mail to If necessary, we will ask you to provide us with a copy of your ID card, passport or other valid identity document. In the event you decide to exercise such rights and that your e-mail appears as part of the personal details you have provided us with, we would be grateful if you could mention this specific circumstance, indicating the email address to which the right of access,rectification, erasure and objection are being exercised.

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